Go Back to School with Schoolhouse Rock!: Executive Documents 
November 17, 2:00pm
This webinar will focus on the executive branch and locating executive documents. Before the session, learners will watch Electoral College and Tax Man Max from Schoolhouse Rock!. Riegelman and Beck will elaborate on the content in the videos and use it to test your knowledge. By starting with these videos intended for an elementary audience, we will layer on more advanced content about the executive branch of the federal government. Meet us in this luminal space as we transition from novices to experts. Register
How to Respond to a Security Incident in Your Library
Fee $60.00 
December 9, 2:30pm Eastern
As important as it is to try to prevent library security incidents, it’s not always possible to avoid them, and the way you respond when they happen is crucial. This session will take the top 10 security, behavior, crime, or emergency-related incidents that occur in libraries and describe the issues, the concerns, and the responses surrounding them. Many of the scenarios will involve challenging or problem-inducing patrons, and others will discuss responses to events that staff might not always know how to deal with properly. Register
Making the transition from MARC to Linked Data easier 
November 5, 11:00am EST
From OCLC’s experiences in datamining WorldCat to identify entities that can be exposed to the semantic Web, we’ve learned that there’s a lot of data that can be parsed easily and made into “statements” – and sadly, a lot that cannot be without a lot more effort. In this webinar, Jean Godby and Karen Smith-Yoshimura of OCLC Research offer examples from their multilingual bibliographic structure and performers extraction adventures of what metadata specialists can do now to make it easier to transform text strings in MARC data into the entity-”things” we later expose as linked data that others can consume.
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Citizenship Library Corners
November 6, 2:00pm CST
Across the country, cities are partnering with SCIS to launch “Citizenship Corners” at local libraries. Featuring accessible information about the naturalization process, including citizenship, test preparation materials, ESL and civics materials, and information about available community resources, these corners play a vital role in raising awareness about the path to citizenship and supporting applicants through the naturalization process. Register
Archived Test Prep: Tests are Changing: How to Keep Your Collections Up to Date
Standardized tests present a variety of challenges for students and educators, but changes to the test themselves can prove challenging to libraries, too. From recent updates and new alternatives to the GED, to upcoming revisions to the PSAT and SAT, ensuring your test-prep collections are up-to-date will be critical to your patrons’ success. View the webinar.
Using DPLA for Teaching and Learning
November 3, 6:00pm CST
In this workshop, DPLA staff and members of the DPLA’s Education Advisory Committee will discuss the value of DPLA as a tool for teaching and learning tool and describe current DPLA education projects. Register
Facebook in the Library: Enhancing Services and Engaging Users Workshop
Fee $55.00
December 2, 2:30pm Eastern
Around 154 million Americans—51% of the population—are now using Facebook, according to a recent study by Edison Research. How effectively are you using this direct, free means of communication to reach out to your library’s patrons and users? Digital branch and social networking innovator David Lee King will share what he’s learned from years of experience and experiments with the Topeka and Shawnee County’s Facebook page. He will answer your questions and share time-saving tips on getting the most out of using Facebook. Register
Creating Connections in Digital Spaces: Teaching information literacy skills to online students
November 23, 2:30pm Central Time
How can you connect in a meaningful way with online students? How can you apply the new information literacy framework inside of Learning Management Systems? Presenters from Metropolitan State University will share the ways that they’ve built information literacy concepts into online learning spaces for credit-bearing courses as well as within modular tutorials and activities that can be used as “virtual one-shot sessions.” Register
Booklist Webinar: New Youth Fiction for Fall and Beyond
November 17, 1:00pm Central Time
Join Booklist for an hour-long, free webinar where representatives from Annick Press, Holiday House, and Quarto Children’s Publishing will introduce nonfiction titles perfect for preschool through young adult readers. Moderated by Booklist Books for Youth contributing editor Ilene Cooper. Register

Finding and Training Volunteer Technology Instructors

November 4, 3:00pm EST
Small libraries are often challenged to
find the staff, skills, or time needed to meet growing
community needs and demands for digital literacy training.
Volunteers can help you meet these needs! Learn strategies
from two successful statewide projects eager to share tools
and curricula to help get volunteers ready for technology
training in your small or rural library. California’s Get
Involved: Powered by Your Library provides libraries with
tools to recruit, train and retain skilled volunteers. And
Guiding Ohio Online has created curricula for volunteers to
deliver digital literacy training through computer classes and
one-on-one computer assistance in libraries of all sizes.
Project staff will share their expertise and experience to
help you build the program that is right for your community. Register

Creating a Culture of Yes at Your Library and In Your Community

November 18, 1:00pm EST
The immortal Kurt Vonnegut said, “The America I love still exists at the front desks of our public libraries.” In this webinar, you can discover at least three ways to shift your library from good enough to unexpectedly amazing, and to take your community’s image of the public library to new heights. Locate your library’s first impressions, displays, customer service, policies and more on the “Yes-O-Meter” and understand how to move from “No” or “Yes, but…” to a powerful culture of “Yes, and!” The insights you gain for shifting your library culture will invigorate the relationships between your staff and with your community. Register

Data Visualization for the Rest of Us: A Beginner’s Guide

December 15, 3:00pm EST
You don’t have to be a graphic designer to present your library statistics in a way that effectively communicates value. Learn quick and easy tips for visually displaying statistics that will enable you to tell a powerful story about your library, whether your data visualization aspirations consist of adding a few Excel charts to a board report or designing a complex infographic for your website. Register