Research in a Digital World: Electronic Resources for K-12
October 20, 3:00pm EDT
Featuring the most up-to-date info, multimedia add-ons, and a host of other highlights, electronic resources are a must-have in any school library. Despite these advantages, many students and teachers are unaware of the benefits of these robust materials, preferring print books or search engines when it comes to research. For librarians, knowledge of e-resources is crucial—both for developing 21st-century skills in today’s students and for ensuring that other educators have the tools that they need. Register
Seizure Training Webinar for School Personnel
October 20, 4:00pm CST
One in 10 people will have a seizure in their lifetime, and 1 in 26 will develop epilepsy. Do you know how to respond? Teachers, school nurses, staff, and families work together to reduce bullying and foster understanding of epilepsy in schools. Learn about seizures, epilepsy, identifying the common seizure types and how to respond appropriately. Register
Building Great Programs for Patrons in their 20s and 30s Workshop
fee $55.00
October 21, 2:30pm Eastern
To plan for your library’s present and future, it’s essential to target patrons in their 20s and 30s. In this workshop, Katie LaMantia and Emily Vinci will present strategies and resources for reaching the 20s and 30s demographic. Using the insight they’ve gained through their careers, they’ll also share ideas and examples of effective programs and marketing approaches. Register
Take Your Learning Online: Upcoming Webinars
October 28, 1:30pm CST
Public library directors, survey reporters, and others interested in library data collection are invited to share 2015 Public Library Annual Report webinar hosted by our State Data Coordinator. Joe Manion will share changes to the 2015 survey approved by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). You’ll have a chance to learn about modification to federal data elements and definitions, and suggest changes or additions to the state-level data that we collect. You’ll also be able to share any concerns about the annual report process. Registration not required. Join the WebEx meeting online or call 888-742-5095 and enter conference code 289 945 0924 / meeting number 253 591 132. Email Joe to request a copy of the webinar slides after October 28.
New ELM Webinars
Check them out on their website
Crime Fiction: Cult Classics and Hot New Titles
October 27, 1:00pm CST
In this unique spin on our ever-popular fall mystery webinar, David Wright, Reader Services Librarian at Seattle Public Library, will kick off the program by sharing some of his favorite crime-fiction cult classics, all recently reprinted or still in print. Then stay tuned as representatives from Amazon Publishing, Oceanview Press, Severn House, and Soho Crime preview the hottest mysteries from their forthcoming lists. Register now! Moderated by Keir Graff, editor of Booklist Online. Register
The Hottest Graphic of Fall 2015
October 21, 3:00pm EST
What’s looking good for fall? Join Brigid Alverson, editor of SLJ’s “Good Comics for Kids,” along with a panel of experts who will share their views on the hottest graphic novels hitting shelves soon. You’ll hear all about upcoming releases from Dark Horse Comics, Diamond Books, Papercutz, and Marvel, including:
Invader Zim
The Walking Dead
Jem and the Holograms
The Red Shoes and Other Tales
Scarlett: Star on the Run
…and more!
We’ll be discussing movie adaptations and favorite TV characters and examining the continuing crossover between the world of children’s books and graphic novels. Comics, now more than ever, are taking on diverse subjects and themes, so be sure to tune in to this exciting and informative webcast about unforgettable new titles you won’t want to miss. Register
Cloud and Web Services for Libraries
October 14, 12:00pm CT
young, we look to the sky and see shapes in clouds. We watch as the
cloud reshapes into something else. Like actual clouds, the world of
digital cloud-based tools seems to also be ever changing as this new
technology is developed. For librarians, trend of moving ILS systems to
the cloud has exciting possibilities but enthusiasm is tempered by
uncertainty. Cloud-based web services are a somewhat new tool, and as
such, options are limited. These services are being
continuously upgraded, and librarians need to have a voice in the
development of these tools to be sure their needs are met.
have needs that are complex and evolving and available ILS systems are
presently limited in their abilities. Minimally, an  ILS system will
track what the library owns, its patrons, what they have borrowed, and
other general library services. These minimal functions do not take into
account the need for integration with the wider array of online
services libraries offer nor integration into services of the libraries’
academic institution.
webinar will discuss what capabilities libraries need versus the
capabilities currently offered in commercial ILS systems, and possible
short-term solutions as well as helping ILS cloud services to understand
better what future versions of their products should include. Register
Interacting with Content: Improving the User Experience (Virtual Conference)
October 28, 10:00am-4:00pm CT
The demands for awareness of and responsiveness to the academic user
experience (UX) are increasingly important for all players in the
scholarly communications industry. What began as a software development
methodology has proven to be a critical function in our ability to
deliver high-quality scholarly resources to a global readership. In this
virtual conference, we will feature a range of perspectives on how
publishers, libraries and technology suppliers achieve an understanding
of reader needs and perspectives, in order to drive iterative
improvements in the way users interact with the content we host,
publish, and license. Register